RBA Includes November 2032 In Bond-Buy List, Next On Radar April 2033

(This story was first published on Thursday, September 16 as an email to premium subscribers)

By Sophia Rodrigues

(Sydney, September 16, 2021)—The list of bonds in the purchase list of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s bond purchase program expanded for the first time on Thursday and is set to increase again in December.

At the bond purchase auction on Thursday, the RBA has included November 2032 Australian government bond in its buy list. It is the first time the list has expanded since the bond purchase program began in November last year.

The addition reflects the inclusion of the November 2032 bond in the ASX’s 10-year bond futures basket for the December contract.

For the March 2022 contract, the ASX is including the April 2033 AGS and this means around mid-December the RBA will start buying this bond too.

As of Thursday, the total size of the November 2032 bond line is A$16.8 billion and for April 2033 it is A$14.8 billion with another A$1.5 billion due to be issued on Friday.

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