About Us

Note: CB-Intel ceased publishing on January 8, 2023


Sophia Rodrigues is the founding editor of Central Bank Intel, a news website dedicated to central bank coverage. Debdel Media Pty Ltd is the publisher of Central Bank Intel.


Sophia is a financial journalist with over 15 years experience covering central banks and economies, apart from other beats. During this period, she has covered three central banks in depth – Reserve Bank of Australia, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and Reserve Bank of India, and has mastered the art of reading a central bank’s mind. Sophia has several breaking monetary policy stories about each of the three central banks, and a fanbase who trust her for her well-researched insights.


Sophia’s favorite line is “Central banks can never reveal their true mind,” which essentially means that even though a central bank would like to say what they think, they are not able to tell it all because markets would bind them to their words. This website is aimed at tracking a central bank’s mind by analyzing its communication, and how its thinking evolves with every incoming data. By doing this, we will attempt to filter out the noise from the signal.


Central Bank Intel aims to follow all the three key central banks closely, not just their monetary policy thinking. Central Bank Intel will also be following central banks outside these three, and will occasionally write articles on anything interesting we find.


Debdel Media (and by association Central Bank Intel and Sophia Rodrigues) is an independent media entity and has no affiliation with any other organization. We take conflict of interest very seriously, and have no trading or investing position in any product, in any financial market. We are driven by our ethics and integrity, and will always present our news and analysis in the most honest manner.