RBA Cancels Media Lockups, No Early Access Too

By Sophia Rodrigues

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cancelled all media lockups until further notice, and will also not be providing those documents under embargo.

The RBA provides documents to select media under embargo in a media lockup for the minutes of the monthly board meeting, the Statement on Monetary Policy and the Financial Stability Review.

It also gives them speeches under embargo. The RBA hasn't clarified if it will continue to give speeches under embargo but it is not relevant now because no speech events are likely in the near future.

Last week, Governor Philip Lowe delivered a speech after the special monetary policy announcement which was not provided under embargo.

The first release without a media lockup is the minutes on April 1 for the RBA's special monetary policy meeting. It is unclear if the RBA is going ahead with the semi-annual Financial Stability Review which is due on April 9.

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