AOFM Restricts Maturity of Next Wk's Treasury Note Tenders to Six Months

By Sophia Rodrigues

Published On 15 May 2020 , 12:15 PM

The AOFM has announced the following tenders for next week, totaling A$5.0 billion of bonds and A$4.0 billion of notes. The amount of Note tenders is the lowest since April 9, and for the first time since April (when AOFM started extending Note maturity) the maximum duration for Note tenders is six months (as flagged by Central Bank Intel earlier today). 

Treasury bonds:
--A$1.0 billion of the May 2028  bond on Monday
--A$2.0 billion of the May 2032 bond on Wednesday
--A$2.0 billion of the November 2024 bond on Friday

Treasury Notes tender (all on Thursday)
--A$1.5 billion of 21 August 2020
--A$1.5 billion of 25 September 2020
--A$1.0 billion of 27 Novermber 2020

AOFM reiterated the next issuance of Treasury Indexed Bond will be May 26.


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