AOFM provides issuance update; no more syndication this year

By Sophia Rodrigues

Published On 22 May 2020 , 12:15 PM

The AOFM has announced an issuance update today, saying total gross bond issuance for 2019-20 would be A$130 billion, out of which A$105.2 billion has been done so far. 

The next issuance update would be in mid-July and until then there will be no more bond syndications, AOFM said. Treasury Bond issuance via tender will continue at around A$5 billion in most weeks.  Three tenders of Treasury Indexed Bonds are planned over the remainder of 2019-20 and Treasury Note issuance is planned to be around A$3 to A$5 billion each week.

AOFM announced the following tenders for next week, totaling A$5.0 billion of bonds and A$4.0 billion of notes. After restricting maximum T-note maturity to six months last week, AOFM has again extended maturity this week.

Treasury bonds:
--A$2.0 billion of the November 2022  bond on Monday
--A$2.0 billion of the May 2030 bond on Wednesday
--A$1.0 billion of the April 2025 bond on Friday

Treasury Notes tender (all on Thursday)
--A$1.5 billion of 21 August 2020
--A$1.0 billion of 27 Novermber 2020
--A$1.0 billion of 25 February 2021

There will also be A$100 million of 2.5% September 2030 Treasury Indexed Bond tender on Tuesday.


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