AOFM sells April 2024 at 0.3003% vs record low 0.2818%

By Sophia Rodrigues

Published On 22 Jun 2020 , 02:00 PM

The AOFM sold A$2.0 billion of 2.75% April 2024 government bond at a weighted average yield of 0.3003%, higher than the record low of 0.2818% acheived at the previous auction on May 15. The coverage ratio was 4.4715 times, versus record of 6.5375. The lowest yield today was 0.2975% and the highest 0.3025%.

There were 49 bids in total, and only 19 were successful, and among them 8 got 100% allotment.

With this issue, this bond line has now increased A$32.9 billion. The bond was first issued in June 2012 for A$1.0 billion at a weighted average yield of 3.2816%.


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