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Reserve Bank of NZ, 03 Dec 2020, 02:04 PM
Analysis: Hurdle for Negative RBNZ OCR Higher Than Assumed

By Sophia Rodrigues

The hurdle for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to implement negative official cash rate is higher than previously assumed, making negative rate a more distant possibility. Not only is it data dependent but the RBNZ al...

Reserve Bank of Australia

RBA Debelle: Monitoring QE Impact on Mkt; Prepared To Adjust Program If Needed


Published on: 24 Nov 2020, 01:40 PM
Insight: RBA QE Program, What Next?

(A very exclusive Insight on the RBA's Quantitative Easing program, discussing the options on the table)

By Sophia Rodrigues

The Reserve Bank of Australia will review its Quantitative Easing pr...

Published on: 18 Nov 2020, 06:53 PM

Reserve Bank of NZ

RBNZ’s Funding for Lending Programme Starts Dec 7

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s funding programme for banks that is aimed at lowering borrowing costs in the economy and supporting its inflation and maximum employment objectives, will start on December 7. Published on: 01 Dec 2020, 10:53 AM

Reserve Bank of India

Analysis: India RBI Signals Change in Reaction Function Amid Elevated Inflation

By Sophia Rodrigues

The Reserve Bank of India recently introduced a date-based forward guidance to signal a change in its reaction function in an environment of elevated inflation and to reiterate its accomm...

Published on: 14 Oct 2020, 04:57 PM
RBI Keeps Policy Rates Unch as It Seeks Clarity on Inflation

By Sophia Rodrigues

The Reserve Bank of India left its key policy rates unchanged and maintained the accommodative stance, judging it is prudent to pause amid an uncertain inflation outlook.

At its...

Published on: 06 Aug 2020, 08:01 PM

Other Central Banks

Analysis: BOE’s Main Message Is in Forward Guidance, Not Additional QE

By Sophia Rodrigues

A larger-than-expected boost to bond-buying program was the highlight of the Bank of England’s November monetary policy decision but more important was the small but significant cha...

Published on: 05 Nov 2020, 12:00 AM


Australia Note Ylds At New Low; Should AOFM Consider Refining Bid Format?

By Sophia Rodrigues

Yields at Australia’s Treasury Note tenders fell to a new record low on Thursday as investors are forced to bid competitively for a slice of short-term AAA paper, given the alternat...

Published on: 26 Nov 2020, 03:47 PM
Australia AOFM Issues A$6B 2041 Bond Via Tap at 1.70%

By Sophia Rodrigues

The Australian government's syndicated tap issue of 2.75% May 2041 Treasury Bond priced at the tightest end of the indicative range, after attracting three times coverage at the clear...

Published on: 17 Nov 2020, 03:31 PM


OPINION: Why Number of Coronavirus Cases is More Important Than Mortality Rate

By Sophia Rodrigues

In the past few days, I have read several articles about how the mortality rate for coronavirus may be overstated, and therefore it is more important to focus on the accurate* mortal...

Published on: 14 Mar 2020, 12:00 AM


Headlines from RBA Debelle's speech Tuesday

Headline from RBA Deputy Governor Guy Debelle’s speech Tuesday:


Published on: 24 Nov 2020, 01:30 PM
RBA not buying bonds under yield target; A$2B under QE

The RBA will buy A$2.0 billion of November 2024 to May 2028 AGS under the A$100 billion QE program today.

Published on: 19 Nov 2020, 11:23 AM
RBA buying longer-term Semis today

The RBA is buying A$1.0 billion of Semis with maturities in the July 2028 to May 2032 range. This is part o...

Published on: 18 Nov 2020, 11:30 AM
RBA again buying April 2024 under yield target plus A$2B QE

For the third time in a row, the RBA is buying bonds under the 3-year yield target policy at the same time...

Published on: 16 Nov 2020, 11:20 AM
CBA economists see Australia jobless rate at 5.75% by end-2021

A very bold set of forecasts from CBA economists who have just upgraded their forecasts for Australian econ...

Published on: 13 Nov 2020, 10:20 AM
RBA buys 2024 bond at 0.1142% weighted avg yield; 2030 bond at 0.9133%

The RBA bought A$2.0B of April 2024 government bond at a cut-off yield of 0.1075% and weighted average yiel...

Published on: 12 Nov 2020, 06:26 PM
RBA buying A$2B of April 2024 plus A$2B QE

The RBA is buying A$2 billion of April 2024 government bonds under the yield target policy, in addition to...

Published on: 12 Nov 2020, 11:24 AM
RBA may buy 3-year government bonds again

Three-year yield on Australian government bonds are currently above the 0.10% target, raising speculation o...

Published on: 12 Nov 2020, 10:51 AM
Headlines from the RBNZ’s November MPS on FLP:

Headlines from the RBNZ’s November MPS on FLP:

-Plan to implement Funding for Lending Progr...

Published on: 11 Nov 2020, 12:09 PM
RBA buying semis in March 2025 to May 2028 maturity

The RBA is buying A$1.0 billion semis today under the A$100 billion bond-buying program. 


Published on: 11 Nov 2020, 11:32 AM