Headlines from RBA Lowe's Speech Tuesday

By Sophia Rodrigues

Published On 03 Nov 2020 , 04:06 PM

RBA Lowe: No Change in View Little To Be Gained from Negative Policy Rate
RBA Lowe: Negative Policy Rate Extraordinarily Unlikely

Lowe: Negative Rate Will Lead to Helpful Fall in AUD But Impair Credit Supply
Lowe:  Can and Will Do More Bond-Buying If Needed
RBA Lowe: Considered 5-Yr Target But Decided Against This
Lowe: RBA Not Out of FirePower; Quantities Matter
Lowe: To Support Mkt Functioning Can Provide Liquidity, Forex Transactions
Lowe: Bond Buys Mean RBA Now Conducting QE Similar to Other Cenbanks

RBA Lowe: GDP Likely Increased Solidly In September Quarter
RBA Lowe: June 2021 Y/Y Growth Likely 6% Vs 4% Previous Expectation
Lowe: RBA Can and Will Make Contribution Towards Job Creation
Lowe: QE, 3-Yr Target To Lower Whole Interest Rate Structure in Australia
Lowe: Lower Rate To lower Borrowing Costs, AUD and Raise Asset Prices
Lowe: Inflation Risks Remain Low, Priority Next Couple Years is Jobs
Lowe: May Buy Bonds Outside 5-10Yrs Depending On Mkt Conditions
Lowe: Sharp Bounce-Back in Jobs Is Unlikely, Hence MonPol Response Now
Lowe: MonPol Decisions Will Less Risk to Econ from High Unemployment



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